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The Beauty From Fairytale

"Kalo sekolah, pengen libur. Kalo libur, pengen sekolah." Pasti semua anak Marsudirini ngerasain kayak gini sekarang. Libur paskah & libur UN kelas 9, anak kelas 7 & 8 libur. MALES NYA, masya oowwwoooh. haduuh, kayak mau jamuran nih badan. Kerjaannya cuma online, main NDS, nonton film, dll. Adek gue ? Sekolah. Betapa sengsaranya hidup ini. *azek* haha. Gua mau crita dongs. Ini kayak cerpen gue nih.

The Beauty From Fairytale

She's Annette Bella Danielle. She's a daughter of King Danielle in England. So, Annette absolutely a princess. Annette is a kind girl, pretty, kinda diligent but not really, tough. Annette doesn't like if people thinks that Annette is special. Annette thinks that she's just an ordinary girl, just like every girl in the world. But, we know that she's special, right? Still introducing Annette, she's studying at England International Junior High School. She doesn't want to home schooling. She wants to be just a girl.

One day, Annette went to a library, in her house. Then, she found a big book, called "The Beauty From Fairytale". She interested with that book. And then, she opened it! There was a light shining. And she realized that she wasn't in her library. She's in a beach, a strange beach. All alone. She's scared, and she's yelling "Hello? Anybody there? Please help me!"

"Good afternoon, Miss." When Annette turned back, she saw a good-looking guy with a horse. "What are you doing in here, Miss? Do you need any help?" "Eh? Well, I was opening a book... Wait a second! Where am I?" "Well, Miss. You're in Vienna. The most lovely town in the whole Andalasia." "Heh? What did you say? Vienna?" "Yes, is there any problem about this town, miss?" "Na-ah. But, it's just... strange." "Well, Miss. if you want to know this town better, do you want to get some fresh air in the town? With me?" "Well, okay then."

Annette was so confused. She didn't know where she was. She just like falling in love with this town. So beautiful and ordinary. She loved it! "Well, Miss. May I ask you name?" "Oh, yes, of course. My name is Anne." "Miss Anne. What a great name. May I introduce myself? My name is Arthur, Miss Anne." "Oh, Arthur. Just call me Anne." "Well, Anne. Just call me Arthur. Do you have a place for you to relax? Or take a rest?" "To be honest, I'm from a country called England." "England? Where is that?" "Haha, I knew it that you don't know my country. Now, I tell you how did I go here ..." then, Annette tell Arthur about how did she go to Vienna. "Wow, what a great experience." said Arthur surprised. "Yea, I know its hard to believe, but it's true. I didn't lie. Please trust me." "Hm, Logistically, it's hard to believe, but, i don't know. My heart says that I must trust you." "Well, thank you then, Arthur. At least i have one best friend now, that can trust me. I trust you, Arthur." "Thanks, Anne." Annette looked happy, she smiled. Arthur smiled back.

"Here it is, Anne. My house, very simple, don't have anything special." "Wow, this is so stunning. I've never come to a place like this. This is so ordinary, and I love it!" "What? What's your house look like, Anne?" "Haha, you can't imagine that. Does Andalasia have a King?" "Nope, Queen ruled here. It's Queen Georgia Sixteenth." "Cool, a Queen. Where is the castle? Is it near here?" "If we climb the Cloe Mount, we can see the Castle. It's so beautiful, especially when the sun is rising, we can see the sun exactly on the right next to the Castle. Want to see one day?" "Yea, sure."

When the night came, Anne went to sleep. "Arthur, what's your religion?" "Religion? All the Andalasia just have one religion, it's Christian. But, some people from the dark side of Andalasia don't have a religion, they search for the Christians. And kill the Christians. They want to rule the whole Andalasia, and I'm one of the Christian." "I'm the Christian too, but in my world, there are lot of religion, but they respect the other believers." "Well, good for you. It's night, Anne. Why don't you go to sleep?" "Oh, okay then. Good night, Arthur. Have a nice dream." "Good night too, Anne."

In the midnight, Anne woke up, she heard a guy sing a song, and it's beautiful. "Arthur? Is that you?" "Anne? I'm sorry if I disturb you." "You sing? It's so beautiful." "Yes, haha. I just love sing and playing guitar. It's in my blood." "Arthur, why are you so sad? I want to know you, Arthur. Please tell me about yourself." "Well, usually, I won't tell anybody about myself, but only this time." "Okay, I promise I will never ever tell your secret!" "Okay then. My name is Arthur George, I'm a prince of Andalasia. My mom is Queen Georgia. At first, my Dad led this country. And then 2 years ago, my Dad died. I was so sad, cause my Dad told me everything, and I grew up with my Dad's love. I love my Dad so much. Then, the laws says that the prince must replace the king. But my Mom change it. My Mom want to be the Queen. I ran away from Castle and brought all my money, with my horse, Philip." "And then? Did your Mom searching for you?" "No, I think she's happy I left." "And you lived in Vienna in 2 years?" "Yup" "How old are you?" "I'm 15 years old. And you?" "I'm going 14 this May. Wow, and what else you did to stay alive?" "When I was kid, I used to learn about archery. And I shot wild animals in the forest. And yesterday, I was lucky." "Lucky? What did you do yesterday?" "I found a pretty girl asked for help. Haha." "Nice try, Arthur. Do you like living in the Castle, Arthur?" "A little bit, but I don't like all the adviser. They're sly. What about you?" "I don't like living in the Castle. I want to be an ordinary girl. Play, fall in love, broken heart, study, be lazy, and other things that girl feel and do. I want it. But, I cant. People thinks I'm special. They love me like a pet. Not like a girl." "Don't think all negative, Anne. That's what you meant to be. Hey! If you want to be an ordinary girl, you can go here. In Andalasia, you're just like the other people!" "Yeah, but not you." "Eh? What did you mean?" "Hah! Oh, I'm sorry. I'm tired now. I think I might sleep now. Bye." "Bye, Anne. I'll remember that topic tomorrow, and I'll ask you about that tomorrow." said Arthur smiled weakly. "Haha, yea, whatever."

The next day, Anne and Arthur went to Cloe Mount. They climbed, and in that day, they decided to know each other, and they fell in love. When they reached the top, "Anne, look at that! That's Queen's Castle." "Wow, it's so breathtaking. I've never seen a beautiful view like this. Maybe my castle would be like this, if I see 'em deeply." "So, you want sit here and chat? While seeing the view?" "Yes, yes, of course." "So, Anne. What's your complete name?" "Annette Bella Danielle. No one know my middle name, so keep it secret. Haha, and you?" "Arthur Dave George." "Em, I don't know. Every time I hear or call name 'Arthur', my heart always beating." "That's mean that you're in love with me." "Hah? How do you know that?" "Hey! I used to be a prince, you know. Haha, I know all the prediction about love, politics, and others from my teacher. I know that you love me since we met, I know it from your eyes. Eyes can't lie, can it?" "Yea, yea, it cant. But, do you feel the same? Cause, to be honest, it's the first time I fall in love with someone." "Me too." "You mean your first time? With who?" "Annette Bella Danielle." "Haha, you must be nuts!" "Na-ah, I'm not nuts. I'm crazy for love." "You're so coquettish. Haha, yeah, okay. And what're you gonna do next?" "I'm gonna ask you to the ball in Castle. But, we're going to pretend to be rabble." "A ball? Dance, you mean?" "Yes, you cant dance?" "Of course I can, but just a little bit." and then Arthur climbed onto his horse and says "Come on, Ann. I'm going to show you something." "Okay. I'm gonna riding horse with you?" "Yes, of course. Is that a matter?" "No, it's gonna be ... fun." "Haha, whatever you say, my dear. Come on!" "Yeap!"

Arthur brought Anne to his tailor, "Hey, Arthur! What are you doing here?" said Josh, the tailor. "Hello, Josh. Is Joanne here?" said Arthur. "Joanne? Yes, she's in the dining room. And, who is this pretty girl? Is she your girlfriend?" "Girlfriend? Not yet. Haha." said Arthur to Josh. "Arthur, what are we doing here?" said Anne. "Em, wait for minute, Ann. Josh, please meet Annette, she's the Princess of England. She's my girlfriend. Ann, meet Josh, my tailor. He's tailoring with Joanne, his twin." said Arthur. "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Annette." said Josh. "Thank you, Josh. And Arthur, what are we doing in here? We can't disturb Josh and Joanne, they have lot of work to do." "And we come here, to make their work." said Arthur. "What? You mean?" said Ann. "I'm gonna give you some suit that looks good on you." "But, you can just buy some in the store. Not sewing it." "I love you and I'm gonna give you the special one, not the so so one." Josh shocked. Joanne that in the dining room yelling,"JOSH! CAN YOU STOP ACT LIKE PRINCE IN FRONT OF ALL WOMAN?!" "Hey! That's not me! That's Arthur!" said Josh out loud. "Arthur? IMPOSSIBLE!" yelled Joanne. "Stop eating and see the world, Fat Woman!! It's Arthur, here!!" Joanne came out from the dining room while eating spaghetti. "ARTHUR! Is this pretty girl your wife?" said Joanne while hugging Arthur. "Not yet. Haha." said Arthur. "See! I told ya!!" said Josh while punching Joanne arm. "Ann? Why are you crying? I did something wrong?" said Arthur while holding Ann's hands. "No, but for the first time, there's a man who love me as who I am. Not treating me like a pet. I love you Arthur." said Ann hugging Arthur. "I love you too, Darling." "Well! Arthur! Who's gonna be dressed? Your girlfriend?" said Joanne cut the romantic conversation.

To be continued yaw! :) *can't wait*

Senin, 18 April 2011

Study Tour ~ 8A goes to Jogja ~ MarsuDiJogja #Part 1

Love That Let's Go ~ love it so much

Tadi pas di sekolah, gue sama Dela, salah satu anak Keyppo *you can see it in previous post* crita-crita. Sempet Dela ngliat agenda gue, dan karena disitu banyak lirik lagu, dia suruh gue nyanyiin. Gue seneng banget, Dela tuh menikmati suara gue gitu. *AZEK* haha. Dan lagu yang paling menyentuh bagi gue adalah "Love That Let's Go - Miley Cyrus"

"There's a gold frame,
that sits by the window.
And my heart breaks,
A little more each time I try,
to picture the memory inside.

There's an old book,
that's too hard to read it.
But if you look,
you'd see how you look through my eyes,
But now one more chapter's gone by,
and I know...

It's time to move on;
even though I'm not ready.
I've got to be strong,
and trust where you're heading.
Even though It's not easy;
(not easy),
right now the right kind of love...
Is a love that lets go
(go, go, go)

There's an old dance,
That we've done forever,
You give me your hand,
Well let me decide when to reach,
You always let me be me,
But now's my time to take chances,
And find my own wings,
And whatever happens I know you'll be there waiting for me,

It's time to move on;
even though I'm not ready.
I've got to be strong,
and trust where I'm heading.
Even though It's not easy;
I know the right kind of love
Doesn't wanna miss the future,
or stand in the past.
It will always hold on;
But never hold you back.
And even though It's not easy,
(not easy),
Right now the right kind of love...
Is love that let's gooooo.
(It's time to say hey),
With the love that let's goo."

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Sabtu, 16 April 2011

Keyppo \m/

Ini dia urutan anak-anak keyppo :)

1. Amanda Christabel ~ Nona Bieber ~ Mandot
Anaknya cantik, asik, seru banget. Dia salah satu fans Justin Bieber. Dia tau segala info tentang Justin. She's the best Beliebers. Dia jujur banget, kalo misalnya dia nggak suka, ya dia bilang nggak suka. Misalnya si Arin nyolot, pasti dia bilang, "Eh, Rin. Kok lu nyolot banget sih." Walaupun kayak gitu, Manda orangnya baik, nggak suka musuhan. Dia nggak pilih-pilih temen. Salah satu orang yang bisa gue percaya. Dia orang yang gue salutin. :) follow @MandaHachi

2. Arinda Natalia ~ Nona Anugerah (?) ~ Ayin
Panggilannya Arin. Dia anak paling nyolot kedua setelah Dela di Keyppo. Arin itu anak yang paling sering pacaran, kerjaannya barengan sama Adolf mulu. :P Namanya Cinta #AZEK. Haha, Arin anaknya asik, bisa dicurhatin, tapi nyolot abis. Dia kadang-kadang ngeselin, kasar, tapi dia asik kalo dia dipihak kita. Kalo gue bercanda sama Arin, gue paling sabar dikerjain sama Arin, karena dia berkali-kali kena karma, haha. Di foto Arin ada di paling kiri. Gue disebelah kanan. :D

3. Vicosta Christy ~ Nona Christian ~ Costuy
Panggilannya Costa. Anaknya biasa-biasa aja. Cantik, seru, bisa dicurhatin. Dia pernah pacaran sama Ryan Christian, tapi skarang udah putus. Semua anak Keyppo kecuali Arin sedih banget pas Costa putus sama Ryan alias PaDe. Costa orangnya bodo amat, dia punya style sndiri, dan dia cuek banget kalo ada orang komen tentang style-nya. Dia percaya diri banget. :D Dia tomboy banget, dia paling nggak suka digerai. \m/ follow @vicostachristy

4. Brigitta Delaneria ~ Nona Abhista ~ Deloy
Panggilannya Dela. Dia anaknya baik, lucu, cantik. Lo liat deh di foto Dela yang ini, disini dia cantik banget. Siapa dulu yang foto. Dela itu anak yang suka nge-galau, tapi semua ceritanya bisa bikin orang sampe nangis (Y). Dia itu pencipta Keyppo, tepat di Bis 8A pas di JOGJA!! Dela itu lucu banget, gue seneng kalo duduk bareng dia. Ada aja yang diomongin. Udah gitu, dia kalo ngasih saran itu mendukung banget. Wew, Go Dela Forever!

5. Criselda Elsa Wijaya ~ Nona Rio ~ Elsoy
Panggilannya Elsa *of course*. Dia anak yang paling pinter di Keyppo. Dia ranking 1 di 8A, dan ranking 3 pararel di angkatan 16 (y). Anaknya rajin, agak pendiem, tapi aslinya lumayan asik, cantik. Dia diperebutkan oleh 2 cowok, namanya Rio dan Yhamin (Y). Gue milih Yhamin. :P haha. follow @crielaelsa

6. Michelle Belinda Lidya Averil ~ Nona Miley / Nona Sanjaya (?) ~ Ichell
Ini dia, Michelle Averil. Inilah gue -_- . Anaknya asik, baik, dan selalu berusaha dipuji sebagai anak yang cantik. Dia pinter kalo niat, karena dia mantan anak pinter. follow me @michelleavrl

7. Ruth Marsaulina Manurung ~ Nona Sori ~ Iyut
Anaknya unyu, lucu, perhatian, cantik. (Y) haha. Dia adalah mak comblang, tapi untuk anak keypo, dia rela jadi mak comblang gratis! Huray! haha. Dia anaknya penasaraaan banget. Dan dia fokus, kalo misalnya lagi semesteran, dia belajarnya rajin banget, sampe gue tercengang-cengang ngliat dia blajar. Dan DIA SUKA BANGET SAMA BASKET! Kalo misalnya lagi olahraga, dia yang paling serius. Gue salut sama dia. :) Haha. Follow @RuthFearless

8. Fransiska Natasha Wibowo ~ Nona Prasetya ~ Sista
Panggilannya Siska. Dia anaknya cantik, baik, pinter, asik, tapi kadang2 suka marah dan nangis. It's the real she is, don't change her (Y). Haha, dia anaknya mungil, tapi pedes #whatthe. Follow her @siska13

Itu semua anak Keyppo, thanks for looking

Jumat, 15 April 2011

Yea~ Whatever

Back to the story, tentang si SB :) skarang gue sama dia udah mau ngomongan, tapi sesuatu ganjil. DIA SOK EKSIS BANGET! Semua anak di angkatan gue, mau nyapa gue. Dan dia nggak! Setiap kali gue ketemu dia, dia selalu sok sibuk. Dan gayanya pun sok elit, sampe2 anak keppo, kesel sama dia. Well, gue sih nggak mau mikirin dia lagi. Tapi, yaa, begitulah!

Salah satu anak keppo, panggil aja si MT, dia putus sama temen gue, panggil aja si BG. MT pacaran sama BG selama 2 bulan, dan gue seneng banget. Tiba-tiba hari Senin, 11 Maret 2011, MT memutuskan hubungan dengan alasan, udah nggak ada rasa lagi. *MT itu cewek, BG itu cowok* Nah, si BG itu sedih banget. BG susah-susah dapetin si MT sebagai pacarnya, udah gitu si MT pas jadian itu keliatannya seneng banget. Sempet si MT cerita ke BG dan anak-anak keppo kalo dia mimpiin si BG terus. Dan itu adalah sebuah pengharapan besar bagi BG, dan Senin kemarin, dia putus dengan alasan yang nggak jelas. Nyiksa nggak sih? Walaupun MT itu sahabat gue, tapi sebagai sahabat yang baik, gue nggak mau dia kayak gitu. Seakan-akan BG itu cuma mainan. Dan TADI! MT sama seorang cowok anak kelas gue, panggil aja si GG. GG itu suka sama MT, tapi sejak MT jadian sama BG, GG menghindar. Pas MT dan BG putus, GG pun mendekat lagi. MT dan GG duduk bareng d pojokan kelas dan ketawa-ketawa. Dan menurut gue ITU NYIKSA BG BANGET! . BG itu juga sahabat gue. BG tuh nangis-nangis terus. Setidaknya caranya MT nggak kayak gitu. Maunya apa sih? Well, walaupun itu bukan urusan gue, tapi urusan anak keppo adalah urusan gue juga. Gue sampe nahan nangis, tapi secara logis, gue nggak masuk akal kalo nangis sendiri. Pas anak kelas gue ngliat MT dan GG duduk bareng, mereka natap MT dan GG dengan tatapan aneh. Satu kelas 8A nggak suka sama MT dan GG, semoga aja mereka sadar. Amen!