Selasa, 29 November 2011

9th Grader

Hello! Hello! Hello! Ah, long time no see! *hug* I miss my blog so much, and I've just read my unfinished story "The Beauty From Fairy-tale" :) Well, now I not gonna continue that story, next time, cause I'm in a middle of TESTS WEEK!

This is the schedule!

Monday : Religion & Physics
Tuesday : Grammar & Economy
Wednesday : Biology & Civics
Thursday : History & Culture
Friday : Mathematics & Sunda Language
Saturday : Bahasa Indonesia & Geography
Monday : Computer

AND THOSE ALL SUCKS! But it's okay, cause Imma students, right? I have to pass the tests!

And now, I'm gonna tell you about the Teacher's Day! These are the photos.

Yea, that's all for today :) gotta study for the tests! BYE!