Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

New Year, New Me?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Sorry, I'm late cause I AM SO BUSY guys!!! Kay, you just have to realize that I'm a 9th grader now, so, I HAVE TO FOCUS STUDYING FOR MY FUTURE *TA-DA!!*

Okay that's much for the beginning, by the way, I miss my bloggy so much (to be honest, "bloggy" kinda like a dog's name). The title of this post "New Year, New Me?". We're gonna discuss that in this blog. CHANGING PARAGRAAPPHH

Lots of people think that if there's new year, there must gonna be a new person. NO! I think the old me isn't bad enough to enter the new year. It's just I have to be more mature and bla bla bla, yeah, I think I'm bored being young, not to mention that I don't like being young. Okay that's enough for the labile. Yeah, I think it's weird when people acting weird in the new year just because the want to look like "BRAND NEW *mention the name here*".

What about me? I'm still the same me, moody, kind *cuih*, lovely *cuih*, pretty *cuih*, still in love with that person. I don't have to have a new me, right? If the old one is enough, why must there be a new one? Well, maybe your answer is "we have to be better than before.". Right, you have to change your bad thing, but, I think that's the part of your uniqueness. That's the part to show that you are different. You are YOU.

So, don't worry if you don't want to change anything in the new year, at least, make it worth for your moments in your life. :) That's enough, ciao then!!

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